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Monoclonal Antibody Gene Synthesis Service

Monoclonal antibodies have been widely used in life science research, clinical diagnosis, and therapeutic treatment for various diseases. For monoclonal antibodies with known heavy chain and light chain gene or amino acid sequences, one could rapidly synthesize the antibody gene for recombinant production. Prior to gene synthesis, it is usually a good idea to optimize the antibody's gene codon sequence to improve antibody expression yield. With advancement in gene synthesis in the last decade, gene synthesis is becoming a routine and affordable practice. Once the antibody gene is synthesized, one could then use transient transfection technology or stable CHO cell technology for large scale antibody production.

Sino Biological has devoted a large amount of resources in establishing expertise and capability in house for high-throughput antibody gene synthesis. In the last couple of years, Sino Biological has synthesized thousands of antibody genes.

How to Request for Ferret Gene Cloning Service?

If you are interested in using our Ferret gene cloning service, please contact us by leaving an on-line message, filling out an on-line inquiry form, or sending us your detailed requests to A formal quote will be send back to you for your review, comment, and/or acceptance.

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