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Protein Codon Optimization Service

Service: Protein codon optimization to improve protein expression efficiency
Required Material : None
Required Information: Protein gene sequence or protein amino acid seqence
Technology: Optimized strategy and software, fully automated process
Charge: Free of charge if ordered with other services

Additional Information on Protein Codon Optimization Service

• Built-in service function if ordered with other services such as gene synthesis, protein production
• Mature and proven technology demonstrated with hundreds of antibodies and proteins
• Not available as a standalone service

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Protein Gene Codon Optimization Service

Protein expression is a highly regulated process. Through millions of years of molecular evolution, the expression levels of different proteins are regulated throughout the protein expression process, such as transcription, translation, and post-translational modification. For various reasons, some proteins are down regulated to prevent harmful effects. For example, factor VIII plays critical role in bleeding coagulation, but too much of factor VIII in the blood can lead to stroke. Therefore, factor VIII expression level is very low. One of the approaches to down regulate factor VIII expression is the presence of many rare gene codons.

So protein gene codon optimization is necessary to artificially science community, protein ......... <Learn More>

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