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Protein Gene Synthesis Service

The cost for protein gene synthesis has been dramatically reduced over the years. In some cases, the cost of cloning a gene from a cDNA library could be more expensive than synthesis the gene. Furthermore, gene synthesis allows one to optimize the gene codon sequence and hence could lead to improved gene expression.

Sino Biological has devoted a large amount of resources in establishing expertise and capability for protein gene synthesis. Codon optimization is included in the package without additional charge. Please state clearly in your request if you prefer the native gene sequence and do not want us to modify the codon.

How to Request for Protein Gene Synthesis Service?

If you are interested in using our protein gene synthesis service, please contact us by leaving an on-line message, filling out an on-line inquiry form, or sending us your detailed requests to A formal quote will be send back to you for your review, comment, and/or acceptance.

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