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PSMA4  蛋白,抗体,试剂盒,cDNA克隆

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    PSMA4 相关蛋白、抗体、cDNA基因、ELISA试剂盒

    PSMA4 相关蛋白、抗体、cDNA基因、ELISA试剂盒

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    PSMA4 概述&蛋白信息

    PSMA4 研究背景

    催化活性: Cleavage of peptide bonds with very broad specificity. {ECO:0000255|PROSITE-ProRule:PRU00808}.
    亚单位结构: The 26S proteasome consists of a 20S proteasome core and two 19S regulatory subunits. The 20S proteasome core is composed of 28 subunits that are arranged in four stacked rings, resulting in a barrel-shaped structure. The two end rings are each formed by seven alpha subunits, and the two central rings are each formed by seven beta subunits. The catalytic chamber with the active sites is on the inside of the barrel. Interaction with HTLV-1 TAX protein favors NFKB1 activation.
    亚细胞定位: Cytoplasm. Nucleus. Cytoplasm, P-body {ECO:0000250}. Note=Colocalizes with TRIM5 in the cytoplasmic bodies. {ECO:0000250}.
    诱导: Down-regulated by antioxidants BO-653 and probucol. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:11521686}.
    相似的序列: Belongs to the peptidase T1A family. {ECO:0000255|PROSITE-ProRule:PRU00808}.
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    PSMA4 别称

    HC9,PSC9,HsT17706, [homo-sapiens]
    C9, [mus-musculus]

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