Human TCF4/E2-2 qPCR Primer Pair


Human TCF4/E2-2 qPCR Primer Pair: 基本信息

qPCR Primers
1 vial of lyophilized qPCR primer mix (1 nmol each primer, sufficient for 200 numbers of 25 μl reactions).
qPCR 引物描述:
Verified forward and reverse primers for analyzing the quantitative expression of gene.
应用 & 质控
SYBR® Green-based quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR).
The primer mix has been verified to generate satisfactory qPCR data on Roche Applied-science LightCycler® 480 Ⅱ.
储存 & 运输
Lyophilized qPCR primer mix is shipped at ambiente temperatura
The lyophilized product is stable for one year from date of receipt when stored at -20℃. The suspended product is stable for six months from date of receipt when stored at -20℃.
***Sino biological qEASY qPCR primer pairs are used for SYBR Green-based real-time RT-PCR, The primers are designed by using SBI's proprietary primer design algorithm. Our primer collection covers the entire human genomes. It can be widely applied in the quantitative analysis of gene expression.***



在特定基因的不同变体保守区内设计引物,该对引物至少有一条引物跨越内含子或产物跨越内含子,有效避免基因组 DNA 的扩增。


用质粒标准品对 qPCR 引物的灵敏度、扩增效率和特异性进行筛选,用阳性组织或细胞验证确认。

统一的 PCR 条件,操作方便,节约时间与成本

~100% 的扩增效率,保证 RNA 定量的准确性

Human TCF4/E2-2 qPCR Primer Pair: 别称

bHLHb19 qPCR Primer Pairs, Human; E2-2 qPCR Primer Pairs, Human; ITF-2 qPCR Primer Pairs, Human; ITF2 qPCR Primer Pairs, Human; PTHS qPCR Primer Pairs, Human; SEF-2 qPCR Primer Pairs, Human; SEF2 qPCR Primer Pairs, Human; SEF2-1 qPCR Primer Pairs, Human; SEF2-1A qPCR Primer Pairs, Human; SEF2-1B qPCR Primer Pairs, Human; SEF2-1D qPCR Primer Pairs, Human; TCF-4 qPCR Primer Pairs, Human

TCF4/E2-2 背景信息

Transcription factor 7 like 2 (TCF7L2, also known as TCF4) is a Wnt signaling pathway transcription factor involved in the regulation of numerous Wnt targeted genes. TCF4 is critical in the vertebrate intestinal epithelium, where TCF4-β-catenin complexes are necessary for the maintenance of a proliferative compartment, and their abnormal formation initiates tumorigenesis. β-catenin, an upstream protein of TCF4, accumulates in the cytoplasm, then translocates to the nucleus to activate the β-catenin/T-cell factor/lymphoid enhancer factor (TCF/LEF) transcriptional machinery and regulates target genes. Previous studies showed that TCF4 was involved in cell proliferation and apoptosis. Human haploinsufficiency of the transcription factor Tcf4 leads to a rare autism spectrum disorder called Pitt-Hopkins syndrome (PTHS), which is associated with severe language impairment and development delay.
transcription factor 4
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  • Liu X, et al. (2016) T-cell factor (tcf/lef1) binding elements (tbes) of fasl (fas ligand or cd95 ligand) bind and cluster fas (cd95) and form complexes with the tcf-4 and b-catenin transcription factors in vitro and in vivo which result in triggering cell death and/or cell activation. Cell Mol Neurobiol 36 (6): 1001-1013.
  • Lan F, et al. (2012) Genome-wide identification of tcf7l2/tcf4 target mirnas reveals a role for mir-21 in wnt-driven epithelial cancer. Int J Oncol 40 (2): 519-526.
  • Kennedy AJ, et al. (2016) Tcf4 regulates synaptic plasticity, DNA methylation, and memory function. Cell Rep 16 (10): 2666-2685.
  • Costa AM, et al. (2013) Grg5/aes interacts with t-cell factor 4 (tcf4) and downregulates wnt signaling in human cells and zebrafish embryos. PLoS One 8 (7): e67694.
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