qPCR service request

Sino biological Inc. Letter of Authorization for Service of Sino Real-time qPCR Detection Technique

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  Request Date:     Company: Sino Biological US Inc.
Address: 1400 Liberty Ridge Drive, Suite 101, Wayne, PA 19087
Website: www.sinobiological.com
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1. Detcton method
SYBR Green I dye method Taqman probe method
2. Service items
qualitative analysis DNA sample RNA sample
absolute quantification DNA sample RNA sample
relative quantification(mRNA expression anlysis)
SNP analysis
3. Shipping of samples
shipping on dry ice shipping on ice bags shipping at normal temperature
4. Whether or not return samples
return not return
Please confirm the samples you post have no pathogenicity(Sign: )
(1) We don't receive pathogenic samples. If your tissue samples have pathogens, please provide us with nucleic acid samples and treat samples to kill pathogens.
(2) After the experiment project of the sample are not required to returned, the company will dispose uniformly and no longer retain them. If there are specicial reasons to keep them, the company will retain 3 months. Don't contact us after the time limit, your sampls will be disposed.
5. Fill in information
Numbers of target genes Sample numbers
(1)Detailed information of target genes
No. Species Gene name Gene information (GenBank Accession or sequence etc.)
(2)Detailed information of reference genes (House-Keeping genes etc.)
No. Species Gene name Gene information (GenBank Accession or sequence etc.)
(3)Detailed information of detected samples
No. Sample name Concentration(ng/μl) Volume(μl)
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- Real-time PCR Service: Gene Expression Analysis by qPCR
-- SYBR Green qPCR Method
-- Taqman probe qPCR Method
-- Qualitative Analysis Service of Gene Expression by qPCR
-- Relative Quantitative Analysis Service of Gene Expression by qPCR
-- Absolute Quantitative Analysis Service of Gene Expression by qPCR
-- SNP Analysis Service by qPCR
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