Rabbit Antibody Humanization Service

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Rabbit Antibody Humanization Service

Service: Rabbit Antibody Humanization
Technology: CDR grafting, computer aided modeling, CDR shaffling
Recombinant antibody expression
Production Host: HEK293 or CHO cell transient transfection for antibody production
Acceptance Criteria: Humanized rabbit antibody with >85 human germline antibody identity, and with
similar antigen bingding affinity to original rabbit antibody,
Timeline: 6~10 weeks from rabbit antibody sequence to mg of humanization antibody
1 week from antibody humanization design and gene optimization
1 week for gene synthesis
1-2 weeks for vector construction and plasmid production
2-4 weeks for transient transfection, antibody purification, QC testing
1 week for affinity analysis
The above timeline can be shortened for urgent project (cost will be higher for rush order)
Deliverable: 4~16 humanized rabbit antibody sequences
1 – 5 mg purified antibody for each molecule
Larger quantity of antibody production can be requested
(please refer to our antibody production service).
Applications: therapeutic antibody discovery & development
Quotation: on-line request form or e-mail request to CRO-service@sinobiological.com

Track Records & Key Facts

• > 300 Staff
• > 80 Bioreactors
• > 30 Purification System
• > 10,000 Mab Production
• > 5000 Protein Bulks
• > 5000 antibody development
• 1-100mg Mab Production in 3-6 weeks
• 1-10 g Mab Production in 6-8 weeks
• Preferred CRO Partner for Multiple Top-10 Pharmas

Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody (Mab) Humanization Service Description

With its superior affinity features, rabbit monoclonal antibodies have shown great promises as therapeutic candidates. Like mouse antibodies, humanization is a must-do step before a rabbit monoclonal antibody can become a therapeutic candidate. However, humanizing a rabbit monoclonal antibody is much more challenging because much less information is available on rabbit antibodies.

Starting from the strong background of our mouse antibody humanization, Sino Biological has developed in-house technology for rapid humanization of...... <Learn More>

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