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Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Production Service Description

Rabbit monoclonal antibodies have shown an advantage in antigen binding affinity than mouse and rat monoclonal antibodies. As a result, rabbit monoclonal antibodies have gained attention in the life science community. Sino Biological has developed a proprietary platform for rabbit monoclonal antibody development. We also offer value added services for rabbit monoclonal antibody production, either by rabbit hybridoma cell culture or by transient transfection with recombinant technology.

Sino Biological's cell culture experts and antibody purification process engineers are well trained and highly capable of producing high quality rabbit monoclonal antibodies rapidly and cost-effectively. Our advanced technology platform, proprietary and in-house produced serum-free cell culture medium, our large scale capacity with an economy of scale, and our high success rate allow us to provide the best value services to meet your needs for rabbit monoclonal antibody production at any scale you require.

We are particularly good at producing rabbit monoclonal antibodies from troubled rabbit hybridoma cells, even if you have an unstable rabbit hybridoma cell line in which case large scale antibody production is not possible as the cells can loss antibody productivity quickly during cell expansion. We are capable of cloning the rabbit monoclonal antibody genes out of a contaminated rabbit hybridoma cell line and use our transient transfection technology for the rabbit monoclonal antibody production.

We have capacity to grow rabbit hybridoma cells at high-throughput in flask cultures as well as in large scale stirred-tank bioreactor cultures. We've built an in-house capacity with over 80 bioreactors ranging from 2L to 300L culture volume. This large capacity can support both rabbit hybridoma cell culture and transient transfection of 293 cells for recombinant rabbit antibody production.

How to Submit a Request for Antibody Production Service?

If you are interested in using our antibody production services to support your antibody discovery and development program, please contact us by leaving an on-line message or send us your detailed request to CRO-service@sinobiological.com. Based on the quantity and quality requirement of your request, a formal quote will be send back to you for your review, comment, and/or acceptance.

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