Drug Target for Cancer: PARP2

Drug Targets for Cancer: PARP2 and Cancer

Carcinogenesis is a multistage process which involves the stepwise accumulation of various mutations, some of which confer tumour cells a survival advantage. Many of the resulting phenotypes acquired are shared between different tumours and are considered 'hallmarks of cancer'. Among these hallmarks are genomic instability, sustained growth signalling, dysregulated cellular metabolism, angiogenesis, inflammation, tumour invasion and immune evasion. As we continue to uncover specific biological functions of PARP-2, it is becoming increasingly clear that PARP-2 is variously involved in many of these hallmarks of cancer, thus raising the possibility of targeting specific PARP-isoforms in cancer therapy.

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Ali SO, et al. Understanding specific functions of PARP-2: new lessons for cancer therapy. American Journal of Cancer Research. 2016;6(9):1842-1863.

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