Structure of Complement Proteins

Complement Component / Protein Structure Information

Gene ID Description Classification Pdb code 3D Structure
C1R,C1RL complement C1r hydrolase 1MD7
C1S,C1S1,C1SA complement C1s hydrolase 4J1Y
complement C1q A-C signaling protein 5HKJ
C1QL1, C1QL2,
complement C1q like 1-4 protein binding 4QQ2
MASP1,MASP2 mannan binding lectin serine peptidase 1,2 structural protein 4IGD
CFD complement factor D hydrolase 5FBI
C1QBP complement C1q binding protein protein binding 3RPX
C4BPB complement C4 immune system 5JPM

Complement Component / Protein Structure References

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