Common Gamma-Chain Receptor Family

Among all cytokine receptors, none has such a profound and broad effect on the adaptive immune system as the gamma-chain cytokine receptor. IL-4, IL-7, IL-9 and IL-21 bind a heterodimeric receptor comprised of the γc and the specific receptor subunits, IL-4R, IL-7R (CD127), IL-9R and IL-21R chain, respectively. IL-2 and IL-15 bind a heterotrimeric receptor composed of the specific IL-2R (CD25) or IL-15R chain, and the shared IL-2/15R (CD122) and γc chains.

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Common Gamma-Chain Receptor Family

Below are members of common gamma-chain (γc) receptor family, and its cognate ligands. They are classified into this family because they share the common gamma-chain receptor.

Receptor Ligand
CD25/IL2RA IL2/IL-2/Interleukin-2 
CD122 / IL-2RB IL2/IL-2/Interleukin-2, IL15/IL-15/Interleukin 15
CD132 / IL2RG IL-2, IL-4, IL-7, IL-9, IL-15, IL-21
IL-4R/CD124 IL4/IL-4/Interleukin-4
CD127/IL-7RA IL7/IL-7/Interleukin-7
CD129 /IL-9R IL-9
CD215/IL-15 R alpha IL15/IL-15/Interleukin 15
IL-21R IL21/IL-21

Common Gamma-Chain Receptor Family Review

The common gamma-chain (γc) is critical for ligand binding and signaling by common gamma-chain (γc) cytokines. All γc family cytokines similarly activates the Janus kinase (JAK)-family protein tyrosine kinases JAK1 and JAK3, with JAK1 binding a unique α or β chain and JAK3 binding the common gamma-chain (γc). They exert its effect through interaction with gamma-chain (γc) cytokine receptor complex, which is composed of a unique receptor chain and the common gamma-chain (γc).

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