Cytokine drug targets (Growth Factor drug targets)

Cytokines & Growth Factors (interleukins, chemokines, interferons, tumor necrosis factors, colony stimulating factors and so on ) are a net-work of of tissue-specific regulators, controlling cell production, location, differentiation and movement. And they functions through receptors of cells around them. This makes cytokines and the corresponding receptors become the major drug targets for diseases, especially cancer, autoimmune disease and and allergic disease. Here we list the main drug targets included in cytokines and growth factors. And you also have access to elite reagents of these targets to facilitate your research.

An overproduction of cytokines / growth factors can lead to an accumulation of inappropriate cellular deposits within a tissue and result in cancer. New therapeutic approaches to cancer involve the use of cytokine antagonists or inhibitors to suppress the proliferation and metastasis of the tumor cells and…… More about cancer drug targets in cytokines & growth factors

Pivotal cancer drug targets in cytokines:

When immune tolerance is broken in autoimmune pathologies, the equilibrium of the cytokine milieu is lost in disease target tissues, shifting the local environment towards a proinflammatory state and resulting in tissue damage. Targeting cytokines and their receptors with…… More about autoimmune disease drug targets in cytokines & growth factors

Pivotal autoimmune disease drug targets in cytokines:

Cytokine Drug Targets (Growth Factor Drug Targets) Reference

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