IL-1 Receptor Family

Interleukin-1 (IL-1) receptors family is a large family of molecules of key importance in mediating the activation of innate immunity, the first line of defense against pathogenic microorganisms. Members of the IL-1 Receptor (IL-1R) family include six receptor chains forming four signaling receptor complexes, two decoy receptors (IL-1R2, IL-18BP), and two negative regulators (TIR8 or SIGIRR, IL-1RAcPb).

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IL-1 Receptor Family Table

All IL-1 receptor family members possess three immunoglobulin (Ig)-like domains in the extracellular receptor segment. Notable exceptions are SIGIRR (single Ig domain-containing IL-1 R-related molecule) and IL-18BP (IL-1 receptor family subtype), which have only one Ig-like domain.

Apart from IL-1R2, almost all IL-1 receptor family members have an intracellular TIR (Toll-like receptor/IL-1 R signaling) domain. IL-1R2, although lacking a TIR domain, is considered part of this subgroup due to its high similarity to the IL-1R1.

Category Receptor Ligand Chromosome (hu)
IL-1 receptor complex IL1R1/IL-1R1/IL-1 RI IL1A/IL-1A/IL-1F1, IL1B/IL-1B/IL-1 beta, IL-1RA/IL1RN 2q12
IL-1 receptor complex IL-1R2/CD121b IL1A/IL-1A/IL-1F1, IL1B/IL-1B/IL-1 beta, IL-1RA/IL1RN 2q12
IL-1 receptor complex IL-1RAcP/IL-1R3 Signaling component 3q28
IL-33 receptor complex IL1RL1/IL-1 R4 IL-33 2q12
IL-18 receptor complex IL18R1 IL18/IL-18/Interleukin 18, IL37 / IL1F7 / IL-1H4 2q12
IL-36 receptor complex IL1RL2/IL1RRP2 IL-1F6/IL36A, IL36B/IL1F8, IL36G/IL-1F9, IL-1F5/IL36RN, IL1F10 / IL-38 2q12
IL-18 receptor complex IL18RAP Signaling component 2q12
IL-18 receptor complex IL18BP / IL18BPa IL18/IL-18/Interleukin 18, IL37 / IL1F7 / IL-1H4 11q13
Orphan receptors IL-1R8/IL1RAPL1 Orphan receptor Xp22
Orphan receptors IL-1R9/IL1RAPL2 Orphan receptor Xp22
Orphan receptors SIGIRR/TIR8 Orphan receptor 11p15.5

IL-1 Receptor Family Review

Six IL-1 receptor family members (IL-1 R1, IL-1 R2, IL-1 R4, IL-1 R5, IL-1 R6 and IL-1 R7) are located on chromosome 2. IL-1 R3 is located on chromosome 3, IL-1 R8 and IL-1 R9 are located on the X chromosome, and IL-18BP and SIGIRR lies on chromosome 11.

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1. IL-1 receptor complex: IL-1R1, IL-R2 and IL-R3
2. IL-33 receptor complex: IL-1R4
3. IL-18 receptor complex: IL-1R5, IL-R7 and IL-18BP
4. IL-36 receptor complex: IL-1R6
5. Orphan receptors: IL-1R8, IL-R9 and SIGIRR/TIR8