IL-10 Receptor Family

The pleiotropic activities of IL-10 family members are mediated by specific cell surface receptor complexes that each consist of an R1 chain and an R2 chain, both being members of the class II cytokine receptor family (CRF2).

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IL-10 Receptor Family Review

IL-10 receptor family belongs to the class II cytokine receptor family (CRF2), due to the presence of two particular disulfide bridges and the absence of the so-called "WSXWS" motif in the C-terminal part of the extracellular domain. The cognate ligands for the class II cytokine receptors are thus referred to as the class II cytokines.

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• IL-10 Receptor Complex • IL-22 Receptor Complex
• IL-20 Receptor Complex • IFN lambda Receptor 1/IL-28R1