IL-17 Family Ligand

The IL-17 is a family of pro-inflammatory cytokines implicated in a variety of immune responses and is composed of six members, from IL-17A to IL-17F. They bear greatest similarity within the C terminal 70 amino acids and have 4 well conserved cysteines.

The 4 conserved cysteines in the C-terminal half of the IL-17F sequence are shown to form a cystine knot in the crystal structure, this cystine knot structure is similar to a common structural motif seen in several growth factors, such as bone morphogenic proteins, TGF-β, nerve growth factor, and platelet-derived growth factor. In addition, IL-17F is believed to form disulfidebonded homodimers, whereas other members of the IL-17 family are expressed as tightly associated dimers.

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IL-17 Family Ligand Table

Structurally, IL-17 has no sequence similarity to any other known cytokines or other mammalian proteins, thus the IL-17 family appears to represent a distinct ligand-receptor signaling system.

These molecules also form homodimers and show conservation in their c-terminal region, with five spatially conserved cysteine residues accounting for a characteristic cysteine-knot formation for IL-17A and IL-17F.

Receptor Ligand Chromosome (hu)
IL17A/IL-17A/IL17 IL-17 RA/IL-17 R, IL-17 RC, IL-17 RD/SEF 6p12
IL17B/ZCYTO7 IL-17 RB 5q32-34
IL-17C/IL17C IL-17 RA/IL-17 R, IL-17RE 16q24
IL-17D/IL17D unknown 13q12.11
IL-17E/IL-25 IL-17 RA/IL-17 R, IL-17 RB 14q11.2
IL-17F IL-17 RA/IL-17 R, IL-17 RC 6p12

IL-17 Family Ligand Review

The interleukin-17 (IL-17) family consists of a subset of cytokines that participate in both acute and chronic inflammatory responses. Since the discovery of IL-17A (also called IL-17 or CTLA8) in 1993, five other members of IL-17 family IL-17B, IL-17C, IL-17D, IL-17E (also called IL-25), and IL-17F have been identified based on amino acid sequence homology.

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