IL-17 Receptor Family

IL-17 family cytokines must depend on cell surface IL-17 receptors (IL17Rs) for signalling. IL17RA and IL17RC are well-studied members of the IL-17 receptor family in human and mouse models.

As IL-17 receptor proteins possess an intracellular SEFIR domain, upon IL17 ligands binding, this conserved domain directly interacts with Act1 adaptor/ubiquitin ligase to initiate signalling cascades, activating other inflammatory cytokines and chemokines that are usually associated with innate immune responses.

The special capacity for IL-17/IL-17 receptor family members to cooperate with cytokines of innate immunity to promote inflammation implies that they might act as a bridge between innate and adaptive immune systems.

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IL-17 Receptor Family Table

IL-17 receptor family contains certain conserved structural motifs, including an extracellular fibronectin III-like domain and a cytoplasmic SEFIR (SEF/IL-17R) domain.

IL-17 receptors have little homology to other known cytokine receptors, and are thus classified as new cytokine receptor familiy: IL-17 receptor family.

Receptor Ligand Chromosome (hu)
IL-17 RA/IL-17 R IL17A/IL-17A/IL17, IL-17C/IL17C, IL-17E/IL-25, IL-17F 22q11.1
IL-17 RB IL17B/ZCYTO7, IL-17E/IL-25 3p21.1
IL-17 RC IL17A/IL-17A/IL17, IL-17F 3p25.3
IL-17 RD/SEF IL17A/IL-17A/IL17 3p21.2
IL-17RE IL-17C/IL17C 3p25.3

IL-17 Family Receptor Review

The IL-17 receptor family now consists of 5 members, IL-17RA, IL-17RB, IL-17RC, IL-17RD and IL-17RE, all of which, like their ligands, share sequence homology. Each of these members is a subunit that needs to associate with another one to form the functional receptor. The subunit IL-17RA is ubiquitous, and is encoded by a gene situated on chromosome 22, while others are encoded by a cluster on chromosome 3. It is also a common co-receptor subunit for other members of the IL-17 family.

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