Interleukin & Receptor Protein Products

Interleukin & Receptor Protein Remarkable Strengths

Superior quality

Interleukins & receptors proteins are manufactured by Sino Biological in house. The bioactivity are measured by mutiple methods. All of these proteins own traits covering:

• Validated bioactivity
• Produced in house
• High purity
• Animal free
• Low endotoxin

Human IL-6 protein (cat: 10395-HNAE) binds to human IL6R
Purity: > 95 % by SDS-PAGE
Bio-Activity: Measured by its binding ability in a functional ELISA. Immobilized recombinant human IL-6 at 8 μg/ml (100 μl/well) can bind recombinant human IL6R with a linear range of 1.25-20.0 ng/mL.

Wide coverage

Covering 10 species and 124 molecules, our proteins products almost contain the whole range of interleukin & receptor proteins, so we can support you more in life science.

Human Mouse Rat Canine Rabbit
Cynomolgus Feline Sus scrofa (Pig) Rhesus Marmoset

Affordable price

With almost same quality of foreign brands, Sino Biological offers competitive interleukin & receptor proteins products. For the reason that lower production cost, you can save up to 60% if you buy in bulk. If you are interested, please visit our Bulk Order Page.

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To better your purchase experience here more enjoyable, we dedicate to make all products in stock and quicken shipping service. our quality proteins are accessible to you both on-line and off-line for your convenience.

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Interleukin & Receptor Proteins Section

Protein Ligand Receptor
IL-1 Family IL1A/IL-1A/IL-1F1 IL1R1/IL-1R1/IL-1 RI, IL-1R2/CD121b, IL-1RAcP/IL-1R3
IL1B/IL-1B/IL-1 beta IL1R1/IL-1R1/IL-1 RI, IL-1R2/CD121b, IL-1RAcP/IL-1R3
IL-1RA/IL1RN IL1R1/IL-1R1/IL-1 RI, IL-1R2/CD121b
IL18/IL-18/Interleukin 18 IL18R1, IL18RAP, IL18BP / IL18BPa
IL-33 IL-1RAcP/IL-1R3, IL1RL1/IL-1 R4
IL37 / IL1F7 / IL-1H4 IL18R1, IL18BP / IL18BPa
IL1F10 / IL-38 IL1R1/IL-1R1/IL-1 RI, IL1RL2/IL1RRP2
IL-6 Family IL6/IL-6/Interleukin-6 IL6R/IL-6R/CD126, IL6ST/gp130/CD130
IL-11 / interleukin 11 IL11RA/IL-11RA, IL6ST/gp130/CD130
IL31/Interleukin-31 Interleukin-31 receptor A / IL31RA, OSMR/IL-31RB
CLCF1/NNT-1 LIFR/CD118, IL6ST/gp130/CD130
CNTF/Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor CNTFR, IL6ST/gp130/CD130, LIFR/CD118,  
IL6R/IL-6R/CD126, ApoE
Cardiotrophin-1/CT-1 LIFR/CD118, IL6ST/gp130/CD130
Leptin Leptin Receptor/CD295, Siglec-6
Leukemia Inhibitory Factor/LIF LIFR/CD118, IL6ST/gp130/CD130, IGF2R
Oncostatin M/OSM LIFR/CD118, IL6ST/gp130/CD130, OSMR/IL-31RB
IL-10 Family IL10/IL-10/Interleukin-10 CD210 / IL10RA, IL10RB / IL-10RB
IL19 / Interleukin-19 IL20RA/IL-20RA, IL20RB
interleukin-20 IL20RA/IL-20RA, IL20RB
IL22 / Interleukin 22 IL-22R / IL22RA1, IL-22BP/IL-22RA2
IL-24/MDA-7 IL20RA/IL-20RA, IL20RB
IL-26/AK155 IL10RB / IL-10RB, IL20RA/IL-20RA
IL-28A/IFN-lambda 2 IL-28 R alpha/IFN-lambda R1, IL10RB / IL-10RB
IL-28B/IFN-lambda 3 IL-28 R alpha/IFN-lambda R1, IL10RB / IL-10RB
IL-29/IFN-lambda 1 IL-28 R alpha/IFN-lambda R1
IL-12 Family IL12A / IL-12A IL12RB1(CD212), IL12RB2
IL12B/IL-12B IL12RB1(CD212), IL12RB2
IL12/IL12A & IL12B IL12RB1(CD212), IL12RB2
IL12A&IL27B IL12RB1(CD212), IL12RB2
IL23/IL-23 IL12RB1(CD212), IL23R / IL23 Receptor
IL-23A IL12RB1(CD212), IL23R / IL23 Receptor
IL-27 WSX-1/IL-27R, IL6ST/gp130/CD130
IL35/IL-35/Interleukin-35 IL12RB2, IL6ST/gp130/CD130, WSX-1/IL-27R
IL-17 Family IL17A/IL-17A/IL17 IL-17 RA/IL-17 R, IL-17 RC, IL-17 RD/SEF
IL-17C/IL17C IL-17 RA/IL-17 R, IL-17RE
IL-17E/IL-25 IL-17 RA/IL-17 R, IL-17 RB
IL-17F IL-17 RA/IL-17 R, IL-17 RC
Common γ-chain receptor family  IL2/IL-2/Interleukin-2 CD25/IL2RA, CD122 / IL-2RB, CD132 / IL2RG
IL4/IL-4/Interleukin-4 IL-4R/CD124, CD132 / IL2RG
IL7/IL-7/Interleukin-7 CD127/IL-7RA, CD132 / IL2RG
IL-9 CD129 /IL-9R, CD132 / IL2RG
IL15/IL-15/Interleukin 15 CD215/IL-15 R alpha, CD122 / IL-2RB, CD132 / IL2RG
IL21/IL-21 IL-21R, CD132 / IL2RG
Others IL3/IL-3/Interleukin-3 CD123/IL3RA, CD131/CSF2RB/IL3RB/IL5RB
IL-5/IL5 / Interleukin 5 IL5RA (CD125), CD131/CSF2RB/IL3RB/IL5RB
IL-8/Interleukin-8/CXCL8 CXCR1, CXCR2
IL13/IL-13 IL13RA1/IL-13RA1, IL13RA2 / CD213A2
IL-16 CD4, CD9