Interleukin-12 Receptor

Interleukin-12 is a heterodimeric lymphokine that consists of p35 and p40 subunits. IL-12 (Interleukin-12) is produced largely by the antigen presenting cells (APC) and that bridges the innate and acquired immune responses. Interleukin-12 receptor consists of two subunits: β1 and β2.

IL-12 (Interleukin-12) receptor β1 is also known as CD212, which binds to IL-12 (interleukin-12) with a low affinity, and is a part of IL-12 receptor complex. The coexpression of this and IL-12 receptor β2 lead to the formation of high-affinity IL12 binding sites and reconstitution of IL12 dependent signaling.

Interleukin-12 Receptor Products List

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