10 June 2014-Ebola virus disease update, West Africa

Ebola virus Infection / Ebola virus Disease Update-News: Guinea

On 5 June 2014, a new district, Kouroussa, reported 1 new case and 1 death. This brings to date a total of 7 new cases nationwide (4 confirmed, 3 suspected), including 6 new cases and 6 new deaths reported from Conakry (2 new cases and 1 death), Gueckedou (1 new case and 1 death), Macenta (1 new case and 1 death), and Telimele (2 new cases and 2 deaths) during this period.

Cumulatively the total number of cases and deaths attributable to EVD in Guinea is 351 (210 laboratory-confirmed, 83 probable, and 58 suspected) including 226 deaths by 5 June 2014. The geographical distribution of these cases and deaths is as follows: Conakry, 67 cases and 29 deaths; Gueckedou, 194 cases and 146 deaths; Macenta, 45 cases and 27 deaths; Dabola, 4 cases and 4 deaths; Kissidougou, 7 cases and 5 deaths; Dinguiraye, 1 case and 1 death; Telimele, 25 cases and 7 deaths; Boffa, 7 cases and 6 deaths; and Kouroussa, 1 case and 1 death.

In terms of isolation, 33 patients are currently hospitalized (8 in Conakry, 9 in Gueckedou, 15 in Telimele, and 1 in Boffa). The number of contacts currently being followed-up countrywide is 1011 distributed as follows: Conakry, 329 contacts; Gueckedou, 317 contacts; Macenta, 176 contacts; Telimele, 111 contacts; and Boffa, 78 contacts.

Ebola virus Infection / Ebola virus Disease Update-News: Sierra Leone

No new cases have been reported from Liberia, however 11 contacts (5 health-care workers and 6 community relatives) are currently being followed-up. These contacts were of the probable case from nearby Kailahun, Sierra Leone who died in Foya, Liberia. The deceased was taken back to Kailahun for burial.

Ebola virus Infection / Ebola virus Disease Update-News: Liberia

As of 18:00 on 6 June 2014, 8 new cases (2 confirmed and 6 suspected) and 1 new death were reported from Kailahun (3 cases and 1 death), Kenema (1 case and 0 deaths), Bo (1 case and 0 deaths), Port Loko (1 case and 0 deaths), and Freetown (2 cases and 0 deaths). This brings the total number of EVD clinical cases to 89 (33 confirmed, 3 probable, and 53 suspected) including 7 deaths. All 33 confirmed cases and 7 deaths were reported from Kailahun district. The number of cases among health-care workers is 5 and deaths is 1. There are currently 11 cases in isolation at Kenema Hospital. The number of contacts currently being followed-up is 30.

Community resistance is hindering the identification and follow-up of contacts. Overall, the total number of cases is subject to change due to reclassification, retrospective investigation, consolidation of cases and laboratory data and enhanced surveillance. (Article above quotes from WHO)

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