28 May 2014-Ebola virus disease update, West Africa

Ebola virus Infection / Ebola virus Disease Update-News: Guinea

From 23 May 2014 to 27 May 2014, 4 new districts reported 14 new clinical cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) and 5 deaths as follows: Boffa, 5 cases and 1 death; Telimele, 7 cases and 4 deaths; Boke, 1 case and 0 death; and Dubreka, 1 case and 1 death. Community and nosocomial transmission are still occurring in Gueckedou, Macenta, and Conakry.

As of 18:00 on 27 May 2014, the total cumulative number of cases due to EVD is 281 and 186 deaths. The classification of these cases and deaths are as follows: confirmed, 163 cases and 103 deaths; probable, 66 cases and 56 deaths; and suspected, 44 cases and 23 deaths. The geographical distribution of the cases is as follows: Conakry, 48 cases, and 26 deaths; Gueckedou, 176 cases and 126 deaths; Macenta, 31 cases and 19 deaths; Kissidougou, 7 cases and 5 deaths; Dabola, 4 cases and 4 deaths; Djinguiraye, 1 case and 1 death, in addition to the cases and deaths in the newly affected areas. The total number of cases in isolation is 16 (10 in Gueckedou, 3 in Telimele, and 3 in Boffa). The number of contacts under follow-up is 427 (250 in Conakry, 213 in Gueckedou, 126 in Macenta, and 88 in Telimele).

Ebola virus Infection / Ebola virus Disease Update-News: Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, 16 cases, (7 laboratory-confirmed, 9 suspected) and 5 community deaths have been reported from Kailahun district. The district is located in the eastern region of Sierra Leone sharing borders with Gueckedou in Guinea and also with Liberia.

Ebola virus Infection / Ebola virus Disease Update-News: Liberia

In Liberia there have been no new cases since 9 April 2014. Social mobilization and surveillance have been enhanced in border districts. The number of cases remains subject to change due to reclassification, retrospective investigation, consolidation of cases and laboratory data, enhanced surveillance.(Article above quotes from WHO)

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