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ACOT7 Protein

ACOT7 protein function

Acyl-CoA thioesterases are a group of enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of acyl-CoAs to the free fatty acid and coenzyme A (CoASH), providing the potential to regulate intracellular levels of acyl-CoAs, free fatty acids and CoASH. May play an important physiological function in brain. May play a regulatory role by modulating the cellular levels of fatty acyl-CoA ligands for certain transcription factors as well as the substrates for fatty acid metabolizing enzymes, contributing to lipid homeostasis. Has broad specificity, active towards fatty acyl-CoAs with chain-lengths of C8-C18. Has a maximal activity toward palmitoyl-CoA.

ACOT7 protein expression

Tissue specificity

Isoform 4 is expressed exclusively in brain.

ACOT7 protein sequence

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ACOT7 Gene

ACOT7 cDNA / gene is a gene with protein product which located on 1p36.31. The ACOT7 gene is conserved in chimpanzee, Rhesus monkey, dog, cow, mouse, rat, chicken, zebrafish, and frog. 236 organisms have orthologs with human gene ACOT7.