ACSL6 Information: ACSL6 Protein, ACSL6 Antibody and ACSL6 Gene

ACSL6 Gene family

ACSL6 Protein

ACSL6 protein function

Activation of long-chain fatty acids for both synthesis of cellular lipids, and degradation via beta-oxidation. Plays an important role in fatty acid metabolism in brain and the acyl-CoAs produced may be utilized exclusively for the synthesis of the brain lipid.

ACSL6 protein expression

Tissue specificity

Expressed predominantly in erythrocyte precursors, in particular in reticulocytes, fetal blood cells derived from fetal liver, hemopoietic stem cells from cord blood, bone marrow and brain.


Expression is low at earlier stages of erythroid development but is very high in reticulocytes.

ACSL6 protein sequence

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ACSL6 Gene

ACSL6 cDNA / gene is a gene with protein product which located on 5q31.1. The ACSL6 gene is conserved in chimpanzee, dog, cow, mouse, rat, chicken, zebrafish, and frog. 207 organisms have orthologs with human gene ACSL6.