ADM2 Information: ADM2 Protein, ADM2 Antibody and ADM2 Gene

ADM2 Gene family

ADM2 Protein

ADM2 protein function

IMDL and IMDS may play a role as physiological regulators of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular bioactivities mediated by the CALCRL/RAMPs receptor complexes. Activates the cAMP-dependent pathway.

ADM2 protein expression

Tissue specificity

Expressed in the esophagus, stomach, jejunum, ileum, ileocecum, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon and rectum. Expressed in myocardial cells of the heart, renal tubular cells, hypothalamus, and pituitary.

ADM2 protein sequence

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ADM2 Gene

ADM2 cDNA / gene is a gene with protein product which located on 22q13.33. The ADM2 gene is conserved in chimpanzee, Rhesus monkey, dog, cow, mouse, and rat. 152 organisms have orthologs with human gene ADM2.