AKAP17A Information: AKAP17A Protein, AKAP17A Antibody and AKAP17A Gene

AKAP17A Gene family

AKAP17A Protein

AKAP17A protein function

Splice factor regulating alternative splice site selection for certain mRNA precursors. Mediates regulation of pre-mRNA splicing in a PKA-dependent manner.

AKAP17A protein expression

Tissue specificity

Widely expressed. Found in heart, brain, lung, liver, skeletal muscle, kidney and pancreas. Expressed in activated B-cells and placenta. Expressed in all cell lines tested including Jurkat-TAg, U-937 and HEK293 cells.

AKAP17A protein sequence

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AKAP17A Gene

AKAP17A cDNA / gene is a gene with protein product which located on Xp22.33 and Yp11.32. The AKAP17A gene is conserved in Rhesus monkey, dog, cow, chicken, zebrafish, and frog. 218 organisms have orthologs with human gene AKAP17A.