IL-20 Information: IL-20 Protein, IL-20 Antibody and IL-20 Gene

IL-20 Gene family

IL-20 Protein

IL-20 protein function

Proinflammatory and angiogenic cytokine that may be involved in epidermal function and psoriasis. Angiogenic and proliferative activities are antagonized by IL10. May act through STAT3. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:16511554}.

IL-20 protein expression

Tissue specificity

Expressed in most tissues and five major cell types: epithelial cells (primarily skin, buccal mucosa, tongue, nasal mucosa, lung, ureter, breast, prostate, fallopian tube, and adrenal gland), myoepithelial cells (mainly prostate), endothelial cells (mainly in small vessels or capillaries), macrophages, and skeletal muscle. Isoform 2 was detected in the lung tissue only.


Up-regulated by UV-B irradiation in epithelial keratinocytes.

IL-20 protein sequence

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IL-20 Antibody

There are 7 IL-20 antibodies which are validated in multiple tissues with various applications, including WB, IP, ELISA, ELISA(Det), ELISA(Cap). There are 1 IL-20 antibody for WB, 1 IL-20 antibody for IP, 5 IL-20 antibody for ELISA, 1 IL-20 antibody for ELISA(Det), 1 IL-20 antibody for ELISA(Cap). Among all these IL-20 antibodies, there are 3 anti-IL-20 rabbit polyclonal antibodies , 2 anti-IL-20 mouse monoclonal antibodies , 2 anti-IL-20 rabbit monoclonal antibodies . All the IL-20 anbodies are produced in house and all are in stock. IL-20 antibody customerized service is available.

IL-20 Gene

IL20 gene / cDNA is a protein-coding gene which located on 1q32.1. The IL20 gene is conserved in chimpanzee, Rhesus monkey, dog, cow, mouse, rat, chicken, and zebrafish.117 organisms have orthologs with human gene IL20.