Stable CHO Antibody Production Service: Super-scale (1g - 100 gram)

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Super-Scale Stable CHO Cell Antibody Production Service: 1gram - 100 gram /Mab

High-Throughput: 5-10 monoclonal antibodies at 1g-100 g scale per month
one of the largest pre-clinical antibody production capacities worldwide
Host Cells: Engineered Stable CHO cell line
Technology: Recombinant technology, Stable CHO cell line development, Serum-free cell culture
Fed-batch cell culture, Stirred-tank cell culture bioreactors
Purification: Affinity protein A/G/L chromatography column purification
plus ion exchange , SEC chromatography polishing steps as needed
Timeline: 3-5 months total from receiving gene sequence to antibody delivery
- 1-2 weeks for gene synthesis
- 1-2 weeks for vector construction and plasmid production
- 2-3 months for stable CHO clone selection and gene amplifcation
- 1 month for cell expansion, antibody purification, QC testing
Deliverable: 1 gram – 100 gram purified antibodies (quantities to be specified by customer)
Quality Specification: >95% antibody purity by SDS page with standard order
- For GLP grade antibody production order, we can meet endotoxin level as low as
0.1 EU/mg and/or monomer purity as high as >99% if required. Specifications on
endotoxin level and monomer purity can affect cost and may add a couple of weeks
time for process development, polishing steps, and additional QC testing.
Antibody Types: human, mouse, rat, rabbit, canine, rhesus IgG antibodies
- We have experience in producing IgA, IgM, and IgE antibodies
Applications: in vitro testing, in vivo mouse, rat, dog, rabbit, and monkey studies
antibody developability study, formulation development and stability
Quotation: on-line request form or e-mail request to

Track Records & Key Facts

• > 300 Staff
• > 80 Bioreactors
• > 30 Purification System
• > 10,000 Mab Production
• > 5000 Protein Bulks
• > 5000 antibody development
• 1-100mg Mab Production in 3-6 weeks
• 1-10 g Mab Production in 6-8 weeks
• Preferred CRO Partner for Multiple Top-10 Pharmas

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Features of Antibody Production Services at Sino Biological

  • Record Speed in Antibody Production
  • From Mab Sequence to Purified Mab
  • 1-100 mg Mab in 3-6 weeks
  • 1-10 gram Mab in 6-8 weeks
  • GLP Grade Antibody Production
  • High Monomer Purity: up to 99%
  • Low Endotoxin Level: up to 0.05 EU/mg
  • Unmatched Experience in Antibody Production
  • >gt;10,000 Mab Production
  • Almost 100% success rate
Cutting-Edge Technology Unlimited Capacity Unbelievable Cost-Saving

Super-Scale Antibody Production Service by Stable CHO Technology

Although most of our customers prefer to use our state-of-the-art transient transfection platform for their antibody production projects, in many other cases, some customers prefer us to develop stable CHO cell lines for their pre-clinical antibody production. For example, for control antibodies in pre-clinical studies, one would prefer to develop a suitable stable CHO cells line to ensure similar quality to the CHO cell produced therapeutic antibody and also to ensure long-term supply of the antibody. Economically, it might be more cost effective to develop a high-yield stable CHO cell line if repeated production for a long period of time is needed.

Sino Biological has developed a suitable and most cost-effective approach for stable CHO cell line development, balancing the cost of cell line development and cost for antibody production. For large quantity and repeated antibody production, it is more economic to invest more upfront for the stable cell line to increase antibody yield and reduce large scale production cost. Our stable cell line development and antibody production service is affordable and cost effective even for just 1 gram antibody production.

Sino Biological's super-scale antibody production service using stable CHO cells can be a great resource to support your antibody's pre-clinical development. Our advanced stable CHO...... <Learn More>

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